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Our team is constantly working on R&D topics to accelerate your idea set-up and the time to market.

We want to reduce the composite development engineering chain to reduce testing costs and provide efficient technical solutions.

CME Group philosophy

is to deliver a high-quality service to our customers by constantly updating and enhancing our skills and know-how in mechanics, physics – chemistry of  composite materials.

CME focuses its Research & Development on the 3 following axes

Design, optimization of laminated parts

Process manufacturing , Resin flow simulation

Lightweight manufacturing at controlled cost

Design, optimization of laminated parts

We have the strong will to help the design office teams for rendering composite engineering easier by enlarging the choices of manufacturing processes and design possibilities.
Currently, most of early-stage design thinking start with a fixed geometry and lay-up that already penalize the final result by too much restrictive hypothesis:
CME Group’s goal is to give more freedom to your ideas by innovative design and optimization methods!

Process Manufacturing , Resin Flow Simulation

It is mostly difficult to foresee the resin flow path with the correct process parameters on a first trial.
Composite components with variable high thicknesses, complex geometries, multiple material permeabilities are difficult to process and require time and tests before reaching a reliable process.

We work  closely with ECN to develop numeric tools to better predict the resin path and anticipate problems during real trial.

Lightweight manufacturing at controlled cost

In liquid composite processes, 30 to 60% of the part cost comes from the cutting and lay up operations.
CME Group is developing prototype machines to optimize productivity for a large kind of complex geometries (2D, 2,5 and 3D surfaces with double curvatures and high angles transitions).

CME currently works to exceed the standard hand lay up rate around 3kg/hour to offer lower cutting and lay-up costs in Europe.